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Best Website, Blog, Books, and Games for Friendship


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Favorite Friendship Blog for 2012
The Friendship Blog

The Friendship Blog

Irene Levine

The Friendship Blog

Irene Levine is a winner in two categories for the Readers' Choice Awards. Not only did she win the Best Nonfiction Book About Friendship category, she also won this category for Favorite Friendship Blog. Levine's blog, called The Friendship Blog, couldn't be caught. It easily won with 63% of the vote.

Her site boasts that it is "the only destination in the blogosphere where women can obtain free, individualized advice and authoritative information to master the often-tricky etiquette of female friendships. In response to reader questions and relationship dilemmas, Irene offers her blend of insight, experience, and wisdom as The Friendship Doctor---in simple straightforward language---and distills new research findings, tracks trends, and gleans insights from popular culture."

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