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Social networking (with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and more) increases the interaction you have with friends. But there are positive and negative aspects with social networking as it relates to friendships. We will show you how to keep in touch with your pals without spending all your time on the Internet.
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Using Twitter to Make Small Talk
How Twitter can help with conversation.

Benefits of Being Nice to Strangers
The practice of being kind should extend to strangers as well as friends.

You've Been Blocked!
What does it mean when a friend blocks you on Facebook?

Keyboard Courage
How does keyboard courage affect your friendships?

Tips for Starting a Social Group
Starting a group can introduce you to many more friends.

Ways Social Networking Ruins Friendship
Social networking is great, but there are certain things about it that can actually ruin the friendship between two people.

How to Find More Online Friends
Friends you meet and know only through the computer can actually be a great benefit to you on the friendship front. Here are ways to find a few more virtual pals you can add to the other amazing people in your life.

How to Use Online Friends to Enhance Your Life
There are several benefits to having friends who you only see and chat with online. The trick is using them wisely to add to the quality of your life.

Find Friends Through an Internet Dating Site
Should you use an online dating site to help you find friends?

How to Be a Good Facebook Friend
Facebook is a great way to communicate with friends, but you have to be careful that it doesn't because a negative influence on your friendship.

People You Shouldn't Friend on Facebook
Ignore Facebook friend requests from these people.

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