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Using Twitter to Make Small Talk

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About Friendship

Sometimes looking for small talk topics is easy, and other times you're busy and might not have time to find out what's been happening in the world. You can subscribe to our weekly list of small talk items, or you could log on to Twitter for a quick look at what people have been talking about.

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Trending on Twitter

Perhaps the easiest way to find out what folks are talking about is to see what's trending on twitter. You can view this by the "trends" box on the bottom left side of the screen. Various topics, some with hastags, will be listed as most popular for the time you happen to log on.

To see what specifically is being discussed, click on one of the topic links and you'll have search results delivered to your stream that relate to that hashtag or trend item. You'll be able to see everyone's responses to this item, not just the people you're following.

Twitter Search

Searching on Twitter is another place to find out what people are talking about, this time using a specific term. For instance, you might want to search for the name of a celebrity, your hometown, favorite sports team, or other news item to see what's being discussed. This way, you'll get the latest information whether the topic is trending or not.

Twitter Lists

If there are people you find interesting, you can add them to a list in Twitter and then view the list whenever you want a quick view of what's being talking about. Some people you might want to include are:

  • Interesting tweeters
  • News people
  • Friends you know in real life
  • Celebrities
  • Popular tweeters
  • Sports figures
  • Favorite companies or products
  • People who tweet about quotes

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