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You've Been Blocked!

When Friends Block You on Facebook and Twitter



Blocked by a friend on Facebook.

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So you log in to your Facebook account only to find that your friend has blocked you. What gives? It can be a shock to find out you've been blocked, especially when you didn't think there was a problem at all. But what should you do? Contact your friend? Get angry? Here's some perspective.

It Might Not Be as Bad as You Think

When you get blocked, your first instinct is that your friend must be mad at you. But that isn't necessarily the case. Perhaps they didn't like the amount of alerts they received, or maybe your posts turned them off. Maybe the things you shared were too political in nature or talked about something that your friend disagrees with.

Before you declare the friendship over, contact your pal through another method (phone, email, etc.) to see if everything is okay.

If You and a Friend Had an Argument Over Social Media

Since more people are communicating through Facebook and Twitter today, it increases the chances of having an argument there. If you call out a friend on Facebook or send a snarky tweet on Twitter, don't be surprised if your friend blocks you.

Is your friendship over then? It depends. An argument either means that there are big problems in your friendship or that you both care so much about the relationship that you want to make it as good as it can be. If the issue is the former, perhaps your argument on Facebook or Twitter will signal the end. This is especially true if one or both of you have called out someone by name, talked about you to others online, or made your friend the focus of a rant.

If You and a Friend Have Had an Argument in Real Life

One of the problems with social media is that it can give you a feeling of "information overload" when it comes to your friends. This is especially true after an argument. If you and a friend have had a disagreement in real life, it may transfer to the online world and you'll get blocked.

If this is the case, continue working on things in real life. If you and your pal get things sorted out there, you'll probably be able to go back to being Twitter and Facebook friends again, too.

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