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Toxic Friendships

Do you have people in your life who treat you bad but yet still call themselves a friend? They are called many things like frenemies or toxic friends, but the bottom line is that they are not positive people to have in your life.
  1. False, One-Sided, and Fake Friends (10)

Why You Keep Going Back Again and Again to a Friend That Hurts You
When your friends treat you badly, you need to leave. So why do you stay? Here are some thoughts.

How Do I Tell My Friend That She's the Mean Girl?
When your friend is the mean girl.

3 Rotten Things You Do to Friends
Here are some ways you could be treating your friend badly and ruining your friendship.

Verbal Abuse in Friendship
Is your friend verbally abusive? Here are some signs to look for.

5 Friendship Frustrations
Five things that bug us about friendship.

What to Do With Friends Who Can't Compromise?
How to deal with a friend who won't compromise on when or how to get together.

My Friends Lie to Me
It can hurt when friends lie, but it doesn't always mean their intentions are bad. Here are some possible reasons for lying, and what you can do about it.

When Your Friend Isn't Happy for You
When you have something amazing happen in your life, you want your pals to share your joy. But if your friends aren't happy for the good things in your world, what should you do?

Are Your Friends a Good Influence?
Do your friends encourage you?

How Gossip Hurts a Friendship
Do you talk about your friends when they arent around? Do they spread rumors about you?

What Bugs You About Friendship
What bothers you about your friends? Share your story.

I Experienced Emotional Abuse From a Friend
Readers share their experience in being verbally abused by a friend.

Go for the Jugular
What happens with you go for the jugular while fighting with a friend?

Readers Define What Being Popular Means
Readers share their opinions on what being popular really means, and if it is a good goal to have.

Before You Call Your Friend Toxic
Toxic friendships take two people, so if you're calling someone toxic, you'll need to include yourself in that description.

How Bullying Affects Friendship
Don't let a bully ruin your chances for friendship.

How to Leave a Toxic Friendship
There are different steps involved with ending a toxic friendship.

Reasons Never to Trash an Ex-Friend
Why you should always take the high road after ending a friendship.

When You Are the Toxic Friend
How to tell if you are a toxic friend.

Cyber Stalking a Friend on Social Media
Are you cyber stalking your friend? Focusing on them only takes away your ability to freely make good friends now.

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