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Types of Friendships

What is a bromance? Or a BFF? How can I tell if someone is a work friend or just an acquaintance? If I friend someone on Facebook, what does it mean? We'll answer these questions and more in this section.
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  2. Bromance (6)
  3. Couples Friends (5)
  4. Friend Distinctions (16)
  5. Friendship Definitions (32)

Signs Your Friendship Is Rock Solid
How to know of your friendship is rock solid.

Why You Can Only Handle a Maximum of 150 Friends
The right number of friends is different for everyone, but we're all wired to have a maximum of 150.

15 Friendship Myths
Which friendship myth do you buy into?

Friendship Resources
Ecourses and newsletters that can help you lead more fulfilling friendships.

Is Being Popular a Worthy Goal?
When you are the kind of person others long to be near, you'll be considered popular.

What Is Friendship?
How to tell if someone is really your friend.

Should Friendships Last Forever?
Some friendships last many years, while others fade away after a few months. Is it normal when a friendship doesn't last a lifetime?

5 Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor
Becoming friends with a neighbor can provide plenty of benefits to you both.

Friends can add the perfect balance to your life. These resources will help...
Make the most out of your work and daily friendships with these resources.

Moving In With a Friend
Can you and a friend live together successfully as roommates?

How to Become Friends With Your Parents
How to develop a friendly bond with your parents.

Friendship Polls
Readers answer poll questions related to friends and friendship.

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