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Definition: Combination of the word "friend" and "enemy." Describes two people, usually women, who are best friends most of the time but seem to dislike each other immensely the other part of the time. Often the frenemy is one of the friends, leaving the other one confused as to the genuineness of the friendship.

Merriam Webster indicates that the word "frenemy" has been in existence since 1977, although it's exact origins are unknown. The term became popular in 2005 when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were filming The Simple Life. The two friends had a falling out and Hilton reportedly refused to work with Richie. Richie was let back on the show but had to film separately from Hilton. This switching back and forth between fighting and being friendly prompted some in the media to call them frenemies.

A frenemy is someone who will pretend to be close to you, but at the same time belittle you or say snarky things to make you feel bad.

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Pronunciation: fre-nə-mee
Also Known As: Toxic Friends, False Friends, So-Called Friends
"Maggie is constantly making cracks about my boyfriends. I can't tell if she is a friend or frenemy."

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