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5 Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor

Make a New Neighbor Feel Comfortable


One Neighbor Saying Hi to Another

Have you said hello to a neighbor?

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When someone new moves into the neighborhood, it’s a prime opportunity to make a friend. Your neighbor will want to get acquainted with the people around him or her, and may even be new to the entire city. So making the first move will be a welcome gesture. Besides that, becoming acquainted with your neighbors is a good way to start a friendship. Here are five ways to welcome someone to your neighborhood.

Introduce Yourself and Say Hello

Make the first step by paying a visit to your neighbor. Wait a day or two until they get more settled (after all, you don’t want to catch them in the middle of opening boxes), but after that pop by with a small gift or just a kind word. Make your visit brief at first, just a few minutes, so you don’t completely overwhelm them in the beginning.

Once you break the ice, conversations will be easier going forward. Your neighbor will be more apt to ask you things about the area, get restaurant suggestions, or just gab about their day. If you have kids, be sure to bring them along. They'll want to know about any new children in the neighborhood they can play with, too.

Have Dinner With Them

Some people feel comfortable inviting new people over for a home-cooked meal, while others prefer to go out for dinner in a local restaurant, which will help your neighbor get a sense of the area while you each learn about each other.

If the weather's nice, you might also want to consider a backyard barbeque. There's something about being outside with the beauty of nature that allows people to connect. Choose whatever feels comfortable to you and be sure to pick up the check or buy the fixings to really make them feel welcome.

Give Them a Walking Tour

Offer to show them around your area by pointing out the grocery stores, playgrounds, and restaurants. This is an especially good option for introverts, who can enjoy some one on one conversation while you explore your neighborhood.

End your tour with a stop at the coffee shop, where you buy them a cup of joe before heading home. This will get them acclimated to the area much quicker, and give you both something to talk about as you look at the sites.

Invite Them to a Community Event

What better way to get closer to the people who live near you than by inviting all your neighbors to an event? This will help you welcome the new people on the block and anyone else you haven't connected with yet. You can do this by having a block party or inviting a group to a community event, farmer's market, library sale, or something similar.

Help Them Out Whenever You Can

Perhaps the best way to welcome your neighbors is to be available if they should need assistance. Offer to help babysit, plow snow, cut the grass, or loan them tools. Answer your door when they knock and need a few words. In short, be there for them when they need you and not just when you feel like it.

If you show yourself to be a dependable person, your neighbor will naturally want to get to know you and eventually be friends with you. Some people have difficulty doing a lot for a stranger because they feel they are going out of their way too much. But if you really want to be friends with someone down the road (and there are certainly plenty of benefits to friending your neighbor), you have to put yourself out there.

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