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3 Ways a Bromance Can Hurt Your Relationships

Potential Negatives When It Comes to Your Guy Pal


Bromance, or an extremely close friendship between two guys, is perfectly healthy. But like anything in life, if you take it to an extreme you can damage your romantic relationship and even other friendships.

Failure to Develop Other Friendships

Male friends enjoying their bromance.
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If two guys are in such a deep bromance they can't make other friends, then that is a problem. The great thing about bromance is that it allows each guy to freely express their appreciation for their friend, but that shouldn't mean that they stop socializing with other men and women.

If you find yourself thinking about hanging with your best buddy so much that you turn down other offers to get together, take a step back and access your friendship. Develop new friends in addition to your bromance.

Developing Feelings for Your Friend

Bromances are completely platonic, so if you develop feelings for your guy friend, then it is no longer a true bromance. Despite the implication that guys involved in this type of relationship are actually in a romance (where the word bromance gets part of its name), the term actually applies to two guys who are just comfortable in their sexuality and enjoy spending time with one another. The “guy crush,” in this case, means that the friends are as devoted as brothers, but there is no sexual contact.

Ignoring Your Romantic Partner

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It’s perfectly normal for the guys involved in a bromance to go out without their significant others. After all, part of celebrating “guy love” is nurturing your friendship with a guys-only night out occasionally. However, if this behavior is taken to the extreme, your romantic partner will feel left out.

Dedicate one or two nights a week to your romantic partner that are non-negotiable. That way your love interest can look forward to spending time together, but you’ll still have time for your best guy pal.

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