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These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Got a Friend Who Stopped Talking to You? Here's...
How to deal with a person who suddenly stops talking to you.
5 Things That Can Kill a Friendship
Will your friendship make it for the long haul? Here are five things that derail a friendship.
What to Do When Friends Pull Away
How to deal with a friend who suddenly stops returning calls or emails.
No Friends? Not Even One? Here's How to Change...
If you don't have any friends right now, don't worry. It happens to people from time to time. Here is how to make friends when you're lonely.
How Do You Know When to End a Friendship?
Some friendships don't last forever, and that means you may need to walk away from a friend. It's not an easy decision, to be sure. Here are times when people typically end a friendship.
Feeling Left Out of the Crowd? What to Do When...
What does it mean if your friends exclude you from their plans? It can be the first sign of a problem or it can be reasonable behavior within a friendship, depending on the situation.
Log On and Make a Friend With These Websites
Several websites can help you connect with other couples to form friendships, or just meet a variety of different new friends. Page 2.
50 Ways to Meet People and Make New Friends
Fifty ways to meet new people and build friendships.
What to Do When a Friendship Ends
Do you have a friendship that is slowly ending but your don't have a clue as to why?
What to Do After a Falling Out With a Friend
Moving on after an argument. Friendship.
4 Ways to Know That Someone is Truly a Friend
At one point can you call someone a friend? Here are some ways to tell if your friendship is real.
You Adore Your Friend But She's Too Clingy!...
Clingy friends should be handled carefully to avoid hurting their feelings.
6 Fun Activities to Do When Hanging Out With...
Bonding activities for guys. A variety of suggestions from working out to just helping each other with home repair. Perfect for how men like to bond.
3 Ways to Deal With a Friend That Won't Forgive...
If your friend is still angry with you, he or she might want to stay away rather than make up.
Looking for a New Female Friend? Give...
Girlfriend Social can help you meet other female friends. It is a website devoted to introducing women who are searching for platonic friendships.
6 Tips for Ending a Friendship Without Drama
Breaking up with a friend in a positive and healthy way will help keep you in the right frame of mind so you can move forward.
Mentors, BFFs, and More: 6 Kinds of Friends You...
All about different levels of friendship.
Tips for Celebrating Valentine's Day With Your...
Ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with your friends.
What to Do When Your Friend Is Giving You the...
When your friend gives you the silent treatment, it is easy to assume the worst. Here are some tips on talking with a friend who will not respond.
How to Tell If They're a Close Friend
Definition of a close friend. Friendship.
5 Signs That Someone Wants to Become Friends...
How can you tell if someone is interested in being your friend? Here are some signs.
People Don't Want to Be Friends With You?...
If you're having a hard time making friends, perhaps the reason lies in one of these five common problems.
4 Signs That Your Friendship Is Ending
No one likes it when one of their friendships comes to an end, but it's even more difficult when you don't see it coming. Here are some signs that your friendship is in trouble.
How to Set Personal Boundaries in Your...
How to set personal boundaries and improve your friendships.
5 Reasons Why Your Friends Are Dropping Like...
Five common reasons why people lose their friends.
5 Tips on Dealing with a Selfish Friend
Dealing with friends who are selfish.
Are You in an Unbalanced Friendship? Here's How...
Some friendships are one-sided, meaning that one person does the calling and making plans.
Jealous of a Friend? Here's How to Deal
Jealousy has the power to ruin a friendship if it isn't kept in check. While you can't always help the way you feel, you can control how you react.
How to Get Closer to Your New Friend
Becoming friends often happens naturally, but you can speed up the bonding process.
Think Your Friend Is Lying to You? It Might Not...
Friends lie to you for all kinds of different reasons. Sometimes they lie to protect your feelings and other times they lie to be mean.
How to Give an Apology That Will Heal Your...
How to apologize to your friend.
How Do You Know When It's Time to End a...
Reasons why you might need to end a friendship.
3 Tips for Making Friends Through Sports
Making new friends as you play sports.
Checked Out Meetup Lately? Here's the Scoop on...
Meetup is a good site for finding things to do with the friends you already have, or meeting new people.
4 Ways to Tell When Someone Doesn't Want to Be...
Signs that someone does not want to be friends with you.
Over 40? Here Are Some Ways to Make Friends...
Tips for meeting new friends if you're over 40.
15 Ways to Get Through a Friendship Breakup
How to move on from a friendship breakup.
The Real Reason You Keep Going Back to That...
The reason you stay with a friend who hurts you emotionally and how you can finally break free.
4 Ways to Deal With the Feeling of Loneliness
How to find good friends when you're lonely.
5 Awesome Ways to Show a Friend You Appreciate...
How to show thanks to a friend. Friendship.
How to Become a Natural at Small Talk
A basic skill everyone needs to make friends is the ability to make small talk.
3 Times You Shouldn't Apologize: It's Not...
Apologizing to a friend is usually a good idea, but there are times when you should wait to say you're sorry.
9 Savvy Questions to Help Start a Friendship...
When you're getting to know new friends, these questions will help you bond a bit more quickly.
How to Respond When a Friend Stops Talking to You
What you can do when a friend suddenly stops talking to you.
How to Deal With a Friend Who Talks Over You
Friends who talk over you. Friendship.
Think You're Self-Aware?
Being self-aware can really help with getting and keeping friends.
THIS is the Very Best, Easiest Way to Make New...
Answer to the question, what's the best way to make friends?
Did You Just Say Something You Can't Take Back?...
What to do when you say something you didn't mean to say.
Great Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend
Ideas for getting something special for the closest friendship you have.
Desperate for Friends? Here's What to Do
Being desperate for friends can cause you to make poor choices when it comes to spending time with people. Here are some signs that you might be desperate and what you can do about it.
4 Reasons You Need to Surround Yourself With...
Having positive friends in your life can help in a variety of ways, such as better emotional and physical health, reduced stress, and more confidence.
When Your Friend Drifts Away From You
How to handle a friend that drifts away from you.
Looking for a BFF? Here's how to get one.
How you can get a best friend. Friendship.
Verbal Abuse Happens In Friendship - Here's How...
Verbal abuse between friends. Friendship.
Do You Know Someone Who Struggles With...
Loneliness can hit anyone. Here's how to help a friend who feels lonely.
10 Reasons Your Friends Left You Out of Plans
Reasons why friends might fail to invite you somewhere.
Here's How to Leave a Toxic Friendship Behind
Toxic friendships need special care when it comes to saying goodbye.
How to Deal With the Person Who Just Doesn't...
When someone does not want to be your friend.
Acquaintance or Good Friend? Here's How to Tell
Definition of the term acquaintance, especially as it pertains to friendship.
Your Friend Doesn't Seem Happy For You - Now...
When you have something amazing happen in your life, you want your pals to share your joy. But if your friends aren't happy for the good things in your world, what should you do?
Got a Friend Who Is Cheating? Here's How to...
A friend's affair can be detrimental to your friendship.
Does She Dump You as a Friend When She Gets a...
Some friends think they should only hang out when they have absolutely nothing else to do. If they meet a new guy or gal to date, they dump their friends.
Popular Proverbs About Friendship
Proverbs about friendship that address things like kindness and conflict. The wisdom in these verses can help you make better choices with friends.
You Apologize But Your Friend Did Not, Now What?
When you apologize but your friend doesn't say they are sorry in return.
Signs You Have a Healthy Friendship
Strong friendships can help you through bad times and make the good times seem all the better. How do you keep your friendships healthy? Here are some tips.
Here's the True Value of Friendship
The value and importance of friendship.
5 Things to Help You Understand Your Extroverte...
How to better understand your extroverted friends.
What to Consider When Distancing Yourself from...
How to distance yourself from a friend respectfully.
7 Facts About Introverts
Tips for making friends with introverts.
What to Buy for That Brand New Friend In Your...
Gift ideas for the new friend you haven't known for very long.
Do You Always Have to Call Your Friends First?...
Some friends are always the one to call their pals and make plans.
11 Hobbies That Will Help You Make New Friends
Activities that get you out of the house and help to meet new people. These are things that will help you get connected and make new friends.
Events That Usually Mean the End of a Friendship
You cannot always predict when a friendship will end, but during these times makes it more likely.
Are You Friends? Or Something More? Here's How...
Has your friendship crossed a boundary into a romantic relationship? Here are some signs.
3 Ways to Deal With Friends That Hide Stuff...
How to handle things if your friend is hiding something from you.
Want a Gift Your Friend Will Cherish Always?...
An easy gift to make for a friend is a memory journal, which is inexpensive to make but something your friend will cherish. Great for long-time pals.
Can't Tell If They're Really a Friend? Here's...
When you're unsure about a friend, here are five questions to ask yourself that can help you decide.
5 Key Traits of a Good Friend
Being a good friend means that you will take care of your friendship and be a cherished part of your friend's life.
5 Ways to Keep Your Friendships Strong
Five simple ways to show your friends you care. You might be surprised at the fifth suggestion on this list!
How to (Really) Find Genuine Friends Online
Places to find online friends. Friendship.
8 Quotes About Friendship From Shakespeare...
Quotes by William Shakespeare that relates to friendship.
How to Have Proper Expectations for a Lasting...
Having reasonable expectations is important in a friendship.
10 Super Nice Things You Can Do for Your Friends
Taking a friend out for coffee or lunch, writing a note, buying their favorite movie for them or baking cookies can all help you strengthen your friendship.
10 Quotes About Friendship by Maya Angelou
Ten quotes about friendship from Maya Angelou.
Is It Okay for Platonic Friends to Share a Bed?
Is it crossing a line for a guy and girl in a platonic friendship to share a bed together?
10 Things Not to Do If You Want to Make Friends...
Making friends at work is easy, especially if you avoid doing these ten things.
Should You Look for Friends On an Online Dating...
Can you really find friends on an online dating site?
Should You Become Friends With Your Coworker?...
Should you become friends with people at work? There are many positive points for developing friendships and a few negative ones to be aware of.
She Posted an Embarrassing Picture of You...
One of the most maddening and hurtful things that can happen between friends is when someone posts an unflattering picture of you online. Following are tips for how to confront them and get them to take the pictures down.
Do You Know How to Accept an Apology Gracefully?
The right way to accept an apology means that you say you'll forgive your friend even if you are still mad and then you let the issue go.
Is That Best Friendship You Like So Much One...
Is it normal to have someone in your life who you consider a best friend, but who perhaps doesn't feel the same way about you?
Got a Rude Friend? Here's Five Ways to Handle It.
How to deal with rude friends. Friendship.
Is It Normal Not to Have a Best Friend?
Do you need a best friend? Is it normal not to have one?
What It Means to Be in a Bromance
Are you or your guy in a bromance? Would you know if you were?
5 Signs That You're Jealous of a Friend
Signs that you're jealous of a friend.
Why Your Introverted Friend Really Hates to...
Reasons why most introverts don't like to make small talk.
Great Quotes to Keep You Positive About Life...
Quotes that help you to keep a positive attitude in your life and friendships.
7 Wonderful Quotes About Friendship From Winnie...
Inspirational friendship quotes from A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh.
Friendship 101 for Introverts: 4 Steps for...
Introverts can have a full life filled with friends they enjoy. Here's how to make friends and build a social life you feel comfortable with.
4 Great Quotes About False Friends
Quotes about false or negative friends.
How to Keep Your Opposite Sex Friend Without...
How to be friends with someone of the opposite sex when you're married.
Tips for When Lines of Communication Between...
If you and your friend are having a lot of misunderstandings, you need to improve the level of communication. Here's how.
How to Argue With Your Friend in a Healthy Way
Arguing isn't a bad thing, but how you do it makes all the difference. Here's how to argue in a respectful way with your friend.
11 Great Quotes About Best Friends
Quotes about the importance of best friends.
The 100 Best Quotes About Friendship
One hundred great quotes about friendship.
4 Ways to Foster Positive Friendships
How to find friends that are a positive influence on your life.
7 Subjects That Are Great for Making Small Talk
What Makes for Good Small Talk? Making small talk is definitely an art, but the upside is that the more you do it, the better you'll be at it.
Do You Lack Social Grace? Here's Why It's...
What it means to have social grace, and why it's important to friendship.
Need More Friends? Here's 10 Easy Ways to Make...
Ten easy ways to keep more friends in your life, either by meeting new people or nurturing the friendships you already have.
Is Being Best Friends With Your Spouse a Good...
Is being a best friend with your spouse a good idea? Some options.
Some Insight on the Golden Rule You Haven't...
Definition of the Golden Rule, especially as it applies to friendship.
New In Town? Here's How to Make Friends
Moving to a new city can be exciting. While connecting with new people isn't always easy, you can do it, and these tips will help.
Got a Big Group? Here Are 4 Get Together Ideas
Got a big group? Here are some fun activities that everyone will enjoy.
How to Handle a Bossy Friend
Tips for dealing with a bossy friend.
Here's How to Tell Your Friend the Truth...
Being gently honest means that you take feelings into consideration, as opposed to brutal honesty which tells the truth but is nasty and harmful.
Ever Met an Emotional Vampire? Here's How to...
What an emotional vampire is and how these types of people suck the life out of a room. Emotional vampires will bring you down and should be avoided.
Have You Been Ghosted by a Friend?
When a friend disappears from your life on purpose it is called ghosting.
You're Too Clingy! Here's How to Apologize When...
How to act when you've been clingy with a friend.
Just Because They're Nice to You Doesn't Mean...
When someone is nice to you but you assume they are your friend.
How to Respectfully End a Friendship
How to end a friendship respectfully.
3 Major Reasons Friendships Don't Last
Possible reasons why even relationships with your close friends don't stay solid.
You'll Love These Famous Celebrity Bromances
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are one of the best celebrity bromances of all time.
4 Types of People You Should Never Friend on...
There are certain people you should never be friends with on Facebook.
Is There Anything Bad About Having a BFF?...
Positive and negative points of best friend relationships.
You May Feel Lonely Even If You Have Friends -...
Even people with friends experience loneliness. However, there is a way for lonely people to banish lonely feelings and interact with others.
5 Questions That Pop Up In Your Mind When a...
Typical questions people ask themselves after a friendship ends.
How to Forgive That Friend Who Caused You So...
Forgiveness is good for you. Letting things go so you can move on to a happier place is the secret to a long and healthy friendship.
5 Signs That You Need More Friends (#3 Is the...
How can you tell if you need more friends.
Start Your Own Social Group! Here's How
When you can't find a group you like, why not start one yourself?
Making Friends in an Already Established Group...
How to get accepted into a large group of established friends.
5 Great Gift Ideas for Your Best Gal Pals
Ideas on gifts for female friends.
Got Low Self Esteem? Here's How It Can Hurt...
Learn how to tackle self esteem issues so you can have better relationships.
Take a Page From Online Daters When It Comes to...
Meet your new friend for a coffee date and avoid the cost and awkwardness of a regular activity.
Need Some Gal Pals? GirlFriendCircles...
GirlFriendCircles is a site that connects women friends to each other.
Do You Believe One of These Friendship Myths?
Do you buy into one of these myths about friendship?
7 Wonderful Quotes About Friendship From Dr....
Quotes about friendship from Dr. Seuss.
Handwritten Notes Mean a Lot to a Friend....
A letter penned in your own hand can be a special way to let your friend know that you are grateful for their friendship.
8 Ways to Make Your Platonic Friendship Work
How to have a platonic friendship that does not cross the line.
Not Sure If Your Friendship Is Toxic? Here's...
It's hard spotting a toxic friend and can often take some time.
When You and Your Friend Disagree Politically
Political disagreements can end a friendship, so it’s important to handle things before an argument gets out of hand. Here are some tips to help.
6 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Your Friendship
Five ways sites like Facebook actually make friendships weaker.
Great Gift Ideas for the People You Work With
Giving a small gift is a nice gesture when making friends at work. Here are some ideas on making them personal.
5 Signs That You're Being a Bad Friend
How to recognize the signs that you are acting like a bad friend. Realizing the things you're doing wrong in friendship before your friend dumps you.
Psst, Have You Heard? Gossip Hurts Friendships
When your friend gossips about you, it erodes the trust in your relationship. Gossip something you can stop and not engage in yourself.
Got a Friend Who Takes Advantage of You? Here's...
What to do when a friend is asking too much of you.
Here's How to Be a Better Listener (Your...
Learning how to really listen to someone can improve your friendship.
5 Ways to Meet Friends at the Gym
If you go to the gym for exercise, here are some ways to make friends while you're there.
5 Reasons You Can't Forgive Your Friend
If you are having a hard time forgiving a friend, here are some common reasons to look at.

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