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Submit an Entry: Readers Share Pictures of Their Dogs

By jonabird



Dog's Name, Age, and Type

Snowball. I named him that for obvious reasons! He's a 5 year old poodle.

What I Love Best About My Dog

How happy he is to see me every time I come home. I live alone, so seeing how excited he is that I'm there means a lot to me. He's a good companion, and very smart. I had no trouble house training him, which was a first. Other dogs I had took longer, and Snowball took right to it.

Lessons Learned

  • I'd say if you were going to get a dog you need to get one you can handle. Get a breed that goes with your lifestyle. Too many people get dogs that they don't have time for.

Cherie Burbach, About.com Friendship, says:

Good point about getting a dog that fits with your lifestyle. Get one that requires the kind of playtime and especially exercise that you can manage.

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