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Readers Respond: Put In an Awkward Position: My Friend Cheated

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Did you find out about a friend's infidelity, or have that person confide in you? Did it change your friendship? Share your tips for how you handled things.

trying to stay strong

I lost my best friend too. I am starting a whole new school and I am trying to make new friends, maybe a buddy that can work with me in lab. but everytime I open up, start to talk to people. The more they go away and find someone else. they may accept you on fb but not in reality I think. so I end up with not so great lab partners. and always left out of events. It feels like high school all over again, the cool popular kids together, the quiet ones, then some others, then there is me. people are not that friendly as I thought. It also feel like high school, when people would only come up to me for homework or stuff and I try to give it hoping they involve me in their group.
—Guest -The nerdy girl in the back row

Confusion for all

My former friend and co-worker cheated with my boyfriend for over a year before I knew anything. Now I don't talk to her, but she and I share one mutual friend and lately it has been rough. This friend doesn't talk about this situation with her or me, but she has hung out with her and my ex when they were together after I found out. It is just a weird thing to have going on. Of course she can choose who to be friends with, but I would be really wary of spending time with someone who would do that to someone else. I guess I just don't understand it, but oh well.
—Guest willowme

Sad situation

Yeah, this has happened to me. My friend was cheating on her husband, and giggling to me about it like she was really getting away with something. She was my friend but I knew both of them. So sad. I was really stunned, didn't know what to do. She was like in a different world or something... didn't want to listen to reason and wouldn't hear me out. Just wanted to blab to me like I was supposed to be impressed with her affair. It was awful. We never had a real fight over it, but it certainly changed our friendship. I try and avoid her now, even years after the affair.

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