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Readers Respond: What I Had to Forgive

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From the article: How Do You Forgive?

Did you have to forgive a friend for something really big? Are you still friends? Did you need to move on after forgiving?

Forgiveness is hard, so share with us what you forgave and how you got to the place of forgiveness.

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my friend who exposed my secret

i couldn't believe after i heard my friend whom i treated her as my only sister,whom i shared some secrets which i couldn't even share with my mum telling a group of gossiping people about such stuffs,i was very disappointed na regret that day i brought her into my life,but thanks God i have forgiven her and now its 6th month,though that thing seems to kill her inside for she is no longer comfortable.
—Guest fenelata


I had to forgive myself for allowing my emotions to get the best of me while drinking and said some nasty things to my best friend. This was six months ago
—Guest blessed

Best Friend Slept With Girlfriend

It's like a movie or something but my best friend slept with a girl I was dating once. She's the one that told me and not him. That hurt me more than what they did. It hurt that he couldn't have told me himself. I forgave him (although I just dumped her and didn't give it a second thought) and it took quite a while before my friend and I were able to be normal again. We are now, but it's been years. He felt really guilty and that was weird too. But we're okay now.

My Friends Ignored Me After My Mom Died

After my mother passed, I was very sad and lonely because my friends (I had three very close friends) seemed to just ignore me. It's like they were waiting for me to be myself again before they would call me up or come over. I felt very betrayed. I needed them. But they were impatient, at least that's what it felt like, for me to be happy again. In the end, I forgave them. I had to. But when I talked about how I felt one friend and I never seemed to be the same after that. I still talk to the other two, but even so we're not as close as we were. But I'm glad I forgave them.

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What I Had to Forgive

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