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  • Do you and your friends celebrate Valentine's Day in some way? Share with us! How Do You Celebrate?

    small gifts and cards

    My friends and I like to give each other small stuff for Valentines just to be nice. I got a bracelet one year and some carnations and gave my friend a stuffed animal with a card.
    —Guest JunieMarkel

    Movie Marathons

    My friends and I have a big movie marathon on Valentines Day. We each throw out a couple movie choices a week or so before and then a couple of us bring what we want to watch and we choose when we get there. We have pink and red cupcakes and treats too.
    —Guest SonjarLU39

    Big Party

    We get all the single friends together and throw a big bash. It's gotten to the point where people who aren't single anymore feel left out. ha!
    —Guest Dirk

    How Do You Celebrate?

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