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Readers Respond: Readers Share New Years Resolutions

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What's your resolution? Do you want better friendships? Interested in getting healthy this upcoming year? Tell us what your goals are for the new year. Share Your Resolution

rid the negative people

In previous forums i have shared my social life with you,a bad friend,then a good friend who turn bad,i really tried in the past month to do the right thing and talk to her about how she treats me but she refuses to believe that she has a problem ,instead she blames me and says its the devil who sending me vibes to destroy our friendship but what nonsense,she knows she was wrong but will use every excuse not to admit it,so i came to the conclusion that i will permanately step back and move on hopefully in 2013 it will be a good time to start new friendships,and great adventures,i can't say i will not miss her because i thought we were good friends but i remembered something i read once,A person's actions tells you everything you need to know,she actually let me know little by little how she never wanted me as a friend ,i was just her down time but i no longer feel sad i had a lift up from a response here,that why i am so glad i came here,this site save me and made me feel good about me
—Guest Delores

Family History

I'm working on a book about my family history and interviewing my grandparents and aunts!!
—Guest Jalene

Ending a Bad Friendship

My friend has been confusing for the last few years. She's all excited to see me and then won't talk to me for weeks. On and off. I always feel like I'm the one trying with her. Then I feel bad when she isn't trying back. So I decided I'm just going to stop trying, and if she calls me I'm going to ignore it. She makes me feel too bad and I'm not even sure she's really a friend.
—Guest Sooozie

Training for a 5K

I've been out of shape, but I'm training for a 5K that's coming up in the spring.
—Guest Marcus

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Readers Share New Years Resolutions

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