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Rude Friends? 5 Ways to Handle It


How rude! Isn’t that what you think with some friends? Sometimes rudeness is a sign that your friend doesn’t care about your feelings, but other time they’re just clueless.

Top Questions About Friends
Friendship Spotlight10

Friendship Quote of the Day - 91

The Buddha talks about anger.

5 Things to Ask Before Going Into Business With a Friend

Going into business with your friend can be fun and rewarding, but you have to make sure it's the right decision. Consider these points first.

Finding Friends When You Are Lonely

How to find good friends when you're lonely.

Mistakes You’re Making With Friendship

Five mistakes you're making with friendship.

5 Things Introverts Should Know About Extroverts

How to better understand your extroverted friends.

My Friends Lie to Me

Do your friends lie to you? You're not alone. Here are some clues on what it may mean and what you can do about it.

When You Say Something That Can't Be Taken Back

What to do when you say something you didn't mean to say.

Health Benefits Of Friendship

Friendship has many emotional benefits, but there are also several physical benefits to have a good friend in your life as well.

Expecting a Friend to Change

Should you want a friend to change?

What to Do With a Friend Who Shuts You Out

What you can do when a friend suddenly stops talking to you.

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