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What to Do After a Falling Out With a Friend

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If you've had a falling out with a friend, take heart. Occasionally fighting with your friend is normal. Any two people in a relationship (friendship or otherwise) are going to disagree from time to time.

Fighting and Making Up
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When You Should Not Apologize

Apologizing to a friend is usually a good idea, but there are times when you should wait to say you're sorry.

9 Questions to Start Off a Conversation

When you're getting to know new friends, these questions will help you bond a bit more quickly.

What Are Your Friendship Expectations?

Having reasonable expectations is important in a friendship.

5 Things That Can Kill a Friendship

Will your friendship make it for the long haul? Here are five things that derail a friendship.

How to Break Up With a Friend

Breaking up with a friend in a positive and healthy way will help keep you in the right frame of mind so you can move forward.

How to Handle a Clingy Friend

Clingy friends should be handled carefully to avoid hurting their feelings.

When Your Friendship Ends and You Don't Know Why

Do you have a friendship that is slowly ending but your don't have a clue as to why?

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Giving a small gift is a nice gesture when making friends at work. Here are some ideas on making them personal.

What to Do After a Falling Out With a Friend

Moving on after an argument.

How to Apologize

How to apologize to your friend.

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