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5 Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day

Two friends sitting in the trunk of a car at the beach

Friendship Day (the first Sunday in August every year) serves as a reminder to honor the wonderful friendships in your life. Friendship Day celebrations can vary from small gifts and greetings to a night out on the town.

More Things to Do With Friends
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When Your Friend Is Not Happy for You

When you have something amazing happen in your life, you want your pals to share your joy. But if your friends aren't happy for the good things in your world, what should you do?

One Sided Friends

Some friendships are one-sided, meaning that one person does the calling and making plans.

Distancing Yourself From a Friend

How to distance yourself from a friend respectfully.

5 Kindness Ideas for August

Five simple ways to show kindness to a friend in the month of August.

5 Ways to Nurture Friendships

Five simple ways to show your friends you care. You might be surprised at the fifth suggestion on this list!

How to Be More Self-Aware

Being self-aware can really help with getting and keeping friends.

Why Introverts Dislike Small Talk

Reasons why most introverts don't like to make small talk.

How to Make Small Talk

A basic skill everyone needs to make friends is the ability to make small talk.

Is It Normal Not to Have a Best Friend?

Do you need a best friend? Is it normal not to have one?

Reasons for Breaking Up With a Friend

Reasons why you might need to end a friendship.

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