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How to Be Gently Honest

Being gently honest means that you take their feelings into consideration.

Is She a Frenemy?

Signs that the friend in your life is really a frenemy.

5 Reasons to Be the First One to Reach Out

Why you need to take the initiative and call up a friend.

How Gossip Hurts a Friendship

When your friend gossips about you, it erodes the trust in your relationship.

Pros and Cons of Becoming Friends With Coworkers

Should you become friends with people at work? Here are some thoughts.

How to Find More Online Friends

Online friends can give you a boost when you need it, provide support, and help you connect during those times when your real life buddies aren't around.

Cyber Stalking a Friend on Social Media

Cyber stalking a friend is a dangerous activity that prevents you from moving on from a friendship.

How to Argue With Your Friend in a Healthy Way

Arguing isn't a bad thing, but how you do it makes all the difference. Here's how to argue in a respectful way with your friend.

Remembering Names Of People You Meet

How to easily recalling the names of new people you meet.

5 Things You Can Learn About Friendship From Oprah and Gayle

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King can teach us a thing or two about friendship.

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