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Breaking Up With a Friend

It can be painful to end a friendship no matter which end of the breakup you are on. We will discuss when to break up, common reasons for friendship fights, and how to move on when it is all said and done.

Getting Closure on a Failed Friendship
How to get the closure you need when a friendship is over.

How to Heal After a Friendship Breakup
How to heal the hurt of a friendship breakup.

Walking Away From a Friend With Respect
Showing respect even as you end a friendship.

5 Things That Can Kill a Friendship
Five situations can often mean the end of a friendship.

When Friends Drift Apart
How to handle a friend that drifts away from you.

Our Friendship Has Changed So Much
You don't need to break up just because a friendship changes.

When Your Friend Pulls Away From You
One way to tell if your friend wants to end the friendship is when they suddenly stop returning calls or emails.

When Should You Give Up On a Friendship?
Some friendships don't last forever, and that means you may need to walk away from a friend. It's not an easy decision, to be sure. Here are times when people typically end a friendship.

How to Break Up With a Friend
No one likes to lose a friend, but if you need to walk away from someone there is a right and wrong way to do it. Breaking up with a friend in a positive and healthy way will help keep you in the right frame of mind so you can move forward.

Signs Your Friendship is Ending
No one likes it when one of their friendships comes to an end, but it's even more difficult when you don't see it coming. Here are some signs that your friendship is in trouble.

When Your Friendship Ends and You Don't Know Why
Do you have a friendship that is slowly ending but your don't have a clue as to why?

Before You End a Friendship
You might be frustrated and angry at your friend, but do you really want to break up? Here are some things to try before it comes to ending your friendship.

Reasons for Breaking Up With a Friend
Should you break up with your friend? Or is there a better solution? Here are some common reasons people end friendships, along with a solution on how to let the relationship end naturally.

Times Friendships Come to an End
Times when a friendship may break up.

Why Most Friendships Don't Last
Why some friends leave and others stay.

Questions You Ask Yourself When a Friendship Ends
Questions one friend might ask themselves about the end of a friendship.

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