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2012 Friendship Calendar

Printable Calendar Includes Friendship Quotes and Tips for Making New Friends


Get the 2014 Friendship Calendar.


This free, printable calendar is meant to inspire you to keep up with your friend's events, and also encourages you to make new friends. Each month contains a friendship quote, tip for nurturing your friendships, and a suggestion on how to get out and make a new friend (or two!). Standard holidays are included in this calendar, with plenty of space to write in your friend's birthdays, special events, or dates to remember.

The calendar is a standard 8 x 11 inch landscape in a PDF file. The months can be printed for the entire year at once, or month to month. You decide what works best for you.


January 2012
Cherie Burbach

January includes a quote from Emily Dickinson along with the tip of writing your friend a handwritten note this month to let them know you appreciate them. Quotes are a great way to help personalize a letter or note. When writing to a friend, be sure to include personal details to make it that much more meaningful. You don't need to be a professional writer to accomplish this! Just write from the heart. Let your friend know you appreciate:

  • The times they've been there for you.
  • The advice they gave you.
  • The fun things about their personality that always manage to make you smile.
  • Other details that will let them know you care.


Cards and letters don't have to be mushy, either. A card that makes a friend laugh will go just as far in letting them know you're there for them.

Print out the month of January or the entire 2012 calendar.


February 2012
Cherie Burbach

February includes a quote from Jane Austen on friendship. Austen is known for her wit and wisdom about the human character, and this month's friendship quote will help you appreciate your friends even more.

As to the subject of meeting new friends, why not join a book club this month? Book clubs typically take off for the last part of the year due to the holidays (and busy schedules of its members), so February is a good time to start with a new group. You'll meet other booklovers this way, but also stretch your mind.

Print out the month of February or the entire 2012 calendar.


March 2012

March's calendar provides a sweet friendship quote from one of my favorite poets, Kahil Gibran. If you haven't picked up his book, The Prophet, yet, I would encourage it. His poetry speaks to subjects like friendship, love, and everything having to do with life, and is very insightful and inspiring.

Since March is the time for St. Patrick's Day, see if you can schedule some time with friends for a good, old-fashioned Irish dinner. You might even meet a few new friends this month by going out to celebrate.

Print out the month of March or the entire 2012 calendar.


April 2012
Cherie Burbach

This month's calendar features a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that relates to speaking sincerely with a friend. This is a good point to remember, that while it's important to be honest with friends, you should also be aware of their feelings. Never just blurt out things that will hurt them for no reason. It's something we all need to work on a little bit more.

How often do you keep in touch with friends who are far away, or who you otherwise don't see very often? To nurture that type of friendship this month, just give an old friend a call. There's nothing like hearing your friend's voice (and it's so much better than email!)

To meet new people in April, considering joining a support group. This is especially helpful if you have a chronic condition or if you need some extra understanding from other people who might be experiencing a similar situation.

Print out the month of April or the entire 2012 calendar.


May 2012
Cherie Burbach

May's calendar features one of my favorite quotes on friendship from Walt Whitman. I think you'll agree that it's an unusual one, and that's probably why it grabs people's attention.

To help you nurture your friendships this month, considering starting a friendship journal or blog. This might be something very new for you, especially if you're not a writer by nature. But by taking a few minutes every week or month to think and write about your friendships, it will actually help you be a more compassionate friend. You'll also be more grateful, because you will become consciously aware of the things your friends do for you, and the ways you can help lift them up or even just keep in touch with them.

This time of year is also perfect for helping out your community. Call up your local library or chamber of commerce and see what you can do to lend a hand. It's a good way to meet your neighbors and make new friends.

Print out the month of May or the entire 2012 calendar.


June 2012
Cherie Burbach

For June's calendar, I included a favorite quote from Virginia Woolf. The quote speaks to the "safe place" that friendship can be. Sometimes we need a reminder that friendships are supposed to be fun and healthy. Forget about people who always bring you down and cause you to think negatively. There are plenty of good folks in the world who perhaps don't get enough attention, but they impact your life in so many positive ways.

This month tends to be a busy one for people, especially with kid's getting out of school and summer starting. It's a good reminder to schedule time with friends. You don't have to always make elaborate plans when it comes to getting together with a friend. You can connect in small ways, even if it's just running errands together.

Print out the month of June or the entire 2012 calendar.


July 2012
Cherie Burbach

The friendship quote this month is from Leo Buscaglia, and speaks to the fact that one good friend can mean everything to you. I like this thought because so often people are concerned with the number of friends they have. While variety is good, it doesn't always mean that you have that close connection that one good friend can give you.

Do you have some nagging arguments that haven't been totally resolved with friends? This is the month to address them. Arguing with a friend isn't necessarily a bad thing, so don't shy away from it. If you have something that needs to be addressed with your friend, make it happen this month so you can deal with it and move on. Talking through disagreements means that both of you care enough about the friendship to make it as good as it can be.

To meet new people this month, why not combine your health goals with your goal of making friends? To meet someone new this month, join a gym or take a yoga or walking class. Studies show that having a friend workout with you will help you stay on track, but you can also meet a new pal this way as well.

Print out the month of July or the entire 2012 calendar.


August 2012
Cherie Burbach

This month's quotes comes from writer George Eliot, who talks about that comfortable feeling you get when you're with a friend who knows you well. In order to have this happen for you, take the time to grow your friendship at the right pace.

To meet someone new this month, take an historic or walking tour of your town. Even if you've lived in the same place for years, you'd be surprised at the things you'll learn about your city when you take a tour like this. It's also a good way to make friends.

Print out the month of August or the entire 2012 calendar.


September 2012
Cherie Burbach

Henry Ford talks about friends who bring out the best in you for this month's quote. Those are the kind to have! It's true that certain people can test you, while others can encourage you. I think it's good to have a variety of friends. You want people to push you a little so you can grow as a person, and you also want to hang out with people who are easy to be around.

When I think of September, my mind goes back to that time when it was the end of summer and school was about to start. One thing that was exciting about that time of year was how easy it was to make new friends. Return to that mindset this month, and learn to make friends like kids do.

Print out the month of September or the entire 2012 calendar.


October 2012

Marlene Dietrich is featured with a very famous quote this month about the friends you can call up at four in the morning. Do you have a friend that would drop everything for you? If not, develop a stronger bond with your friends. Sometimes it isn't about the quantity of pals you have, but about the level of personal relationship you've established with them. This is especially true if you're lonely.

This month's calendar also reminds you to practice small talk whenever you can. People who are able to navigate small talk well make friends much more easily than those who don't. The good news is that we can all learn to be better at small talk. Casual conversation is very important when it comes to developing a friendship.

Print out the month of October or the entire 2012 calendar.


November 2012
Cherie Burbach

This month's quote is by Elbert Hubbard, who shares a thought about best friends. There are certain people that you gravitate to instantly, and it's likely that you'll become best pals with them. However, you can make an effort to get to know people better, and this too can mean closer friendships for you. This thought ties in with the tip this month to nurture your friendships by sending a note on Facebook or email to say hello. Maybe you can use this small gesture to ask a new friend to lunch and get to know them a bit better.

Print out the month of November or the entire 2012 calendar.


December 2012
Cherie Burbach

This month's quote is from Shakespeare, who talks about being with someone who values your love, from the play Romeo and Juliet. While he's talking about romantic love here, this quote also applies to friendship. If your friend doesn't treat you right, why are you their friend?

December is often a busy month with time spent on getting the perfect gift and trying to make time for everyone in your life who is important to you, so why not take a moment to make sure your friendships are as strong as they can be. The tip this month for nurturing your friendship is a simple one. Think positively about your friend, send good thoughts their way, and pray for them. They will never know you're doing this, but so what? You'll be putting your energy and focus on them, and this will help you be a better friend in the long run.

December might be a busy month, but don't forget about meeting new people. Joining a Meetup or Yahoo group now can be a good way to make new friends in the upcoming year.

Print out the month of December or the entire 2012 calendar.

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