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Friendship Quotes

Sayings, quotes, and poems, about friendship.
  1. Friendship Quote of the Day (138)
  2. Happy Things Said About Friendship (6)
  3. Literary Quotes (6)
  4. Negative Friends and Feelings (4)
  5. TV and Movie Quotes (4)

Quotes from Introverted Actresses
Quotes from actors and actresses who are introverts.

In Order to Have Friends, You Must First Be One
Famous quote by Elbert Hubbard and how it applies to friendship.

How to Use Quotes
Ideas for using quotes you read.

Taking the High Road Quotes
Taking the high road can be tough, so these quotes should help you remember to be respectful when having an argument.

Best Friend Quotes
Quotes about the importance of best friends.

Happiness Quotes
Quotes that will inspire you to let go of anger and hurt and choose happiness instead.

Movie Quotes About Friendship
Movie quotes are fun to recite and remember, and these sayings about friendship will inspire you as well.

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