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Making New Friends

Ways to meet people and turn casual acquaintances into friends.

Jobs That Are Great for Meeting New People
Jobs where it is easy to make friends.

Major Life Changes to Find New Friends
Three really big things you can do to meet more people and make friends.

Where to Meet People If You're Shy
The best ways to meet new people if you are on the shy side.

Characteristics That Make It Easier to Make Friends
Are you popular? Here are some characteristics that popular folks seem to have.

Friends Who Are Opposites
Making friends who are opposite from you can be a valuable experience.

Acceptance Into an Existing Group of Friends
Tips on entering a large group and making friends.

How to Get a Variety of Friends
Having a variety of friends, preferably those who are different from you in terms of opinions, ages, and background, can actually help when it comes to making small talk and meeting new people.

3 Unusual Ways to Meet New Friends
Unique ways to meet new people and gain friends.

Becoming Friends With Your Neighbors
If you want to find a few new friends, look no further than your own neighborhood.

How to Make Friends as a Couple
Looking for another couple to hang out with? Look no further. Finding another two people who share your interests can take some work, but you can do it with these suggestions.

Attract New Friendships More Easily
Have you ever noticed how some people seem to just draw people in, while others struggle to make acquaintances? If you want to be a person that attracts friends more easily, we've got a few tips.

How to Revive an Old Friendship
Thinking of looking up your old friend? People change and therefore someone that was once a pal may be again down the road.

How to Reconnect With an Old Friend at a Class Reunion
How to start up a new relationship with an old friend when you both attend your class reunion.

Reviving an Old Friendship
Sometimes friends drift apart and as a result they can come together again later more easily. Other times, you may have a big falling out and need to work through your disagreement before you can be friends again. It is possible to revive an old friendship, but it takes time and the right approach.See submissions

10 Ways to Have More Friends
Ten easy ways to meet and keep friends.

I Found My Old Friend at a Class Reunion
Readers share their experience in reconnecting with a friend from their school days at their class reunion.

5 Essential People That Can Help You Meet Friends
Certain people are great at connecting you with others. Here are five of them that can help you meet people and make new friends.

Making Friends at a Book Club
If you enjoy reading and learning more about authors, book clubs are a good way to meet new people. You'll have an instant connection with a potential new friend when you both share a passion for literature.

Readers Share Volunteer Opportunities
Our readers share their choices for great volunteering opportunities.

Meeting New Friends Over the Holidays
Meeting people and making new friends over the holidays.

How to Meet New People If You're a Booklover
Making friends when you enjoy books and reading.

Making Friends at School
Making friends through every stage of school.

How to Make Friends When You're Older
One of the things we're often encouraged to do as we age is to stay social — to avoid being isolated.

Making Friends If You’re Over 40
Tips for meeting new friends if you're over 40.

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