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Find Friends Through an Internet Dating Site

How to Find Friends Online


Meet Friends by Online Dating

Meet Friends by Online Dating

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Question: Should you look for friends on an online dating site?

Answer: If your goal is to find a friendship with the help of the Internet, should you include online dating sites on your list of places to try? In a word? No. While many online dating sites encourage you to log on regardless if you're looking for "love or friendship," the reality is that those sites are still focused on romantic relationships, regardless if the people involved want something serious or more casual.

Even though you have the option on many sites to search for people "looking for friendship" only, it will be difficult to get to know people solely for purposes of friendship. When someone on an online dating site says they are only interested in being friends, it usually means they aren't in the market for a serious or committed relationship. This implies that sex or flirting will still be part of the "getting to know you" process. All of this has to do with dating, and not friendship.

While it is possible to be friends with someone of the opposite sex (and even to be friends with an ex), there are better ways to meet new friends, including several websites devoted to friendship only, that can help someone get to know you as a pal and not as a romantic partner.

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