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10 Ways to Have More Friends

Meet People and Nurture Your Friendships


Want to expand your social circle? Here are ten ways you can increase the amount of friends in your life. Some of these hints help you maintain the pals you already have while the rest give you a nudge on how to meet new friends.

1. Be Interested in Other People

Girl Friends Shopping and Drinking Coffee In City
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One of the best ways to attract friends is simply to care about the folks around you. When you meet new people, focus on finding out about them by asking thoughtful questions.

2. Be Positive

Positive Friends
Positive friends have many emotional and health benefits in your life.

Who doesn’t love someone that is upbeat? While we all have bad days, the people who can put it all in perspective and move on are often the ones that have an easier time making friends.

3. Don't Gossip

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Don’t talk about people behind their backs. It not only ruins existing friendships, but it also prevents you from making new friends.

4. Be a Tourist In Your Town

Traveling With Friends
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Pretend you’re new in town and visit the sites your city has to offer. While you are out on, say, a walking tour or other "touristy" type of event, you'll be surprised at how many new people you'll meet.

5. Bond With Coworkers

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Get to know your coworkers. Being friends with the people you work with can take some time, but you already have one big thing in common, and that's your career.

6. Argue In a Healthy Way

Couples Who Argue
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Learn the art of respectful arguing. The better you are at expressing your concerns without damaging your friendship, the easier time you'll have at keeping great friends in your life.

7. Be Proactive About Helping Friends

Be ready to help friends through a difficult time. Friendships sometimes end when one person experiences a rough patch and feels that the other person just wasn't there for them. When a friend is hurting, reach out before your friend needs to ask you for help.

8. Engage the People You Meet

Small Talk
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Make an effort to talk to five people per day. The conversations don't have to be long or involved, but by actively engaging others you will be more aware when a new friendship opportunity arises.

9. Be Gently Honest With People

Small Talk
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Telling the truth without hurting someone's feelings is an art form, but if you can master gentle honesty you'll be respected and have more friends.

10. Be Genuinely Happy For Your Friends

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Don't get competitive with your friends. Life isn't a race. Celebrate your friend's accomplishments as if they were your own.


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