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How to Make a New Friendship Thrive

3 Things That Make a New Friendship as Strong as It Can Be



Meet new friends.

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New friendships often feel like a lot of work. That's because they are! But they're also worth it. With new friends, you're just getting to know each other so it takes more effort to keep things going as opposed to a friend you've known for a long time.

Here are three things you need to do to make a new friendship thrive.

Be Proactive

We tend to put off contacting friends when we're busy, but with a new friendship you have to work even harder to make an effort. Don't worry if you tend to be the one doing all the contacting in the beginning. Your friendship will balance out eventually, but until then you need to take the lead when it comes to setting up friendship dates and contacting your friend to see how they are.

Be Patient

All those quirky little things you've come to accept in your existing friends might just bug you in a new friend. That's because you haven't had time to fully know and understand your new pal. The remedy? Patience.

Look at your friend as a mystery you need to solve. Instead of snapping at them when they're late or getting annoyed when they can't decide what activity to do, put on your detective hat and ask them the question in a different way. Find out why they hesitate with certain things, or fail to return calls on time. Maybe your friend is just clueless as to how to act, or maybe it's something more.

For instance, what if your friend takes care of her mother, and as a result is so exhausted at the end of the day she doesn't have time to call you? Or what if your friend is hesitant to say which type of plans to make because he doesn't want to disappoint you?

Eventually you'll learn why your friend acts the way they do, but until then, take the time to find out where they are coming from.

Be Open to Where the Friendship Takes You

Friendships each have their own personality. Some friends chat daily and become instant BFFs, while others might remain somewhat distant for a while. Don't place too many expectations on a new friendship. Instead, allow it to develop the way that it's meant to.

If your friendship doesn't fulfill the needs you had hoped it would, try and make some new friends. But don't write off a friendship until you're sure that it won't fit into your life. Every friend can make our world a little bit better in their own way.

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