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Readers Respond: How I Dealt With Getting Left Behind

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From the article: When Friends Exclude You
Has a friend purposely left you out of activites? How did you deal with the situation?

Summer time drama

So I have two best friends but they have known eachother longer than me. Every year one of my friend's goes to the beach and every time she invites my other friend. The only time I got invited was when nobody else could go and I couldn't even go! So this summer once again those two are going to the beach. And it wouldn't be too bad but they always talk about "remember at the beach" or "that was so funny at the beach". It makes me feel pretty sad and left out... What should I do??
—Guest Ellie

I know..

I have friends that almost never invite me to anything. They invite me to birthday party's and stuff but they never ask me to hang out or anything. I'm not expecting to be invited to everything but at least invite me to something once in a while. It's not like I don't have feelings. Whenever I see pictures of my friends together without me it tears up my heart a little bit. Exclusion never feels good. I still hang out with those people at school and I've tried to confront my friends about the exclusion but I'm so shy. It feels I'm drifting farther and farther away from people. Life is dull without friends..
—Guest Abi

Middle school girls are confusing

Yup, we have our good days and our bad ones. My particular group of gal pals includes 7 girls. I didn't start noticing that they were excluding me until around December. I remember thinking "okay, it will all blow over soon". But it didn't. They just grew closer together, while I had drifted off farther apart. It got to the point where I was thinking "what did I do wrong? Why are they doing this?" I realize that I shouldn't blame myself for their silly behavior, because I really don't think I did anything wrong. Yes, I'm still annoyed that they make plans right in front of me and are always a bit "too busy" to hang out, but at some point, you just have to move on, because you can't change the way someone acts. You can only change your attitude. I still talk to those girls, but now I acknowledge that we're not as close as we used to be. Maybe someday we'll hang out again, just not today.
—Guest Lizzy

Bad friends.

Well what happens to me is my friends don't care about me. They care about the ones that do bad stuff with this and like to cuss and stuff like that. I get left out. Terribly. And it hurts my feelings. Like this one girl, she has these high school friends and we are in middle school. The ONLY reason she hangs out with them is bc she is whipped. -__- I have never done anything except help her when she was hurt. And she treats me like pure crap. How am I supposed to deal with this?
—Guest Brionna

Excluded After New Girl Showed Up

I went to school one day only to find out there was a new girl. Everyone started talking to her. I'm kind of jealous now that she has been here for a couple months now. My 2 best friends and her always hang out. I called my friends to tell them if we can all four of us hang out. They said fine, then the next day they all hung out and talked about it in front of me. I was officially excluded. I went up to all of them and said I didn't want to be their friends if they didnt even invite me anywhere or talk to me. They didn't reply back and I walked away and said it's over. Finally I met new friends. If they exclude you out of things they are not your friends, so find better friends because you deserve it.
—Guest Taylor

Properly fed up

There was a time that i had a large group of friends and at least two best friends. But as i got older (im 16 now) i've started to drift away from alot of my friends , i just dont connect with them any more. My "best friend" just doesnt seem to want to be bothered with me any more, i just get left out of conversations, if i speak its like no one is interested at all. Im generally a shy person so i don't socialise well with people. Lately it's been so depressing, i stand on my own at lunch, not cause im purposely excluding myself but because id rather be on my own than standing around with people who ignore me. It makes me feel so horrible, i absolutely hate school now, and in 2 weeks i have my GCSE exams and im not sure if i even want to come back to school. I do generally get on well with every one but i have no one that i can call a true friend. I've been called names behind my back and it just feels plain awful. I think people really hate me and that makes me feel really upset...
—Guest Nicole


All my friends have been hanging out together and have been inviting everyone but me..... I've told them many times that it makes me feel bad but they still do it... what do i do??
—Guest emily


My 2 Best friends always talk to each other and hardly ever to me only when they want to know something or ask a question and when I say "can you wait for me after this lesson?" she doesn't say anything even though I say it to her face and she never waits. All she waits for is my other friend and then leaves me behind. If I'm talking to her she will cut right through my sentence and talk to my other friend. I'm not at all happy...
—Guest Melody

how 2 deal with excluding friends

there really not your friend if excluding you on purpose so move on cause u DESERVE WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER THAN THAT
—Guest stacy

Being left out

My friend met this new girl and they started to hang out a lot. Shes also been really mean to me. I think that she likes her more than me. I am to shy ro confront it yet. I will if it continues though
—Guest Charlotte

How I dealt with it

I told her bff that she did this mean thing over the internet and im planning to delete her!!!! im getting revenge beuz she came to my house and all she tried to make me jealous and stuff until i stood up tall and strong the first day of school and ignored her whenever she tried talking to me so i made her feel bad she probably wont cuz she a toxic friend you should let go of she just said "oh make other friends" im like to myself what the heck is that response dude!!!!!i just never talked to her AGAIN! only when i stood up to her. and later on i listened to nightcore songs like Stamp on the ground,If you dance,10 minutes,when you leave,listen to your heart,castles in the sky, and flying high. Also the saying "Even your friends can turn against you" is true. Just don't talk to her just say, Oh i gotta do this when she approaches you. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED LIKE THAT! NO ONE EXEPT THOSE BACKSTABBING MEAN GIRLS THAT DONE THAT! REMEMBER THIS SAYING "NO ONE CAN KNOCK ME DOWN!!!!
—Guest Ella

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