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Who's Pleading Poverty?

Considering I'm living on little more than $800 a month (disability), I'm very generous. I put a lot of time and effort into gifts for friends. Alas, I am not the one pleading poverty! Once upon a time, I was a professional artisan. I can't work at that pace anymore, but what I produce these days is worth good money. So a friend and I exchanged Christmas gifts recently. I opened mine first, not a problem since my friend had not wrapped anything. I said I liked the gift bag. She said she had gotten it for free. Oh, that's, uh, nice. There was a paint set in there that she had bought for herself, but decided she wasn't going to use, and there were two DVDs that she had just bought 15 minutes earlier. How thoughtful, considering I had spent 7 months on gifts for her and her son. Gosh, I could have sold that stuff for $$$! Her expression showed that she knew the disparity. She kept talking about her broke-ness. I can't relate: I don't make close to 6 figures like she does. What gives?

Thrift store gift

My friend volunteers at a Thrift store and gets store credits. She gave me a wall hanging she said she got at a craft sale but I know it was from the Thrift store. I hung it up anyways. It is the thought that counts - right?


So one year my best friend gave me a Cadbury mug and chocolate for my birthday, but when I looked at the box it said "Complimentary Gift". Probably not the best idea to give your best friend something you got for free.. Ouch. I guess she really appreciated the expensive present that I got for her birthday.
—Guest Caitlin


The worst gift I got was a pants outfit big enough to fit the state of Texas. I think just because I confided in my friend about how I used to get clothes way over my size because I was the largest in the family, but my friend turned that around real quick by doing the same thing to me, and she always brags about how she doesn't accept clothing as a gift because no one knows her taste, but she never ask me about my taste in clothing. Some people you know need to be some people you knew. Of course we are not friends anymore.
—Guest Delores

Lamest Give Ever

One year my friend gave me a tin angel she found at a rummage sale. I don't even like that kind of stuff.
—Guest Edie

socks. Every year.

About six years ago my friend gave me socks for my birthday. That was it. Socks. And a card. The socks were funny, and I laughed. But I was mad. Socks? Then the next year, she gave me socks again. She said she knew how how much I loved the first pair. I didn't love them. But now I couldn't tell her that. Every year since then, it's been socks. Different socks. But still...
—Guest CarlaFri

Oh yeah... Pregnancy for Dummies

When my friend was pregnant, she talked constantly about it to the point where that was all she could talk about. We'd try to change the subject occasionally, and she'd change it right back. It was all about her body, her baby, and went way over the top. I thought she'd get over it once she had the baby, but before she even delivered she gave me a Pregnancy for Dummies book for Christmas so I could better understand her. After she had the baby, our friendship just kind of dropped off.
—Guest Jacki

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Bad Gift From a Friend

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