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Readers Respond: My Friend Was So Kind to Me

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Let's inspire each other by sharing the random act of kindness that someone did for you. It can be a friend or a stranger. Describe what it was and how it made you feel. Also, have you been inspired to do an act of kindness in return? Tell us. Share Your Story

Half Brother

My Mother is recovering from a stroke. I have to go out of the country and I have no family I thought who could help me. My half brother offered immediately to take over while I am gone . It's like winning the brother lottery.
—Guest Harmony


A college friend and I were playing ping-pong in our dorm one night and I was losing badly. My right eye had gone blind the year before so I had no depth perception and kept missing the ball. To boost my morale Peter put a patch over his right eye for the rest of the games and our scores got much closer. He later chose me as his best man even though he had an older brother, and he stood up at my wedding too. Peter is now a minister and that comes as no surprise.

Got me started in my business

One of my friends was so great when I started my interior design business. She referred a bunch of people to me and really helped me get things off the ground. I've been really sensitive to her and what she needs ever since then. I just want to be as great to her as she was for me.

Yes! My Friend Took Care of My Kid While

I was in the hospital two years ago for a really bad infection. My friend just stepped right up and took care of my daughter so I didn't need to worry. I was touched that she would do that. I've never forgotten it.

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My Friend Was So Kind to Me

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