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Readers Respond: Things to Ask a New Friend

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Do you have a few tips on what to ask a new friend? Some conversation starters or topics that usually spark a lively chat? Share them with our readers.

tread carefully

I don't ask people about family because I am separated from mine and feel very awkward if I am asked if I have a family. I find that most - if not all - women let you know fairly early on that they are mothers. Once that is known, then questions can be asked about their children. But please don't ask me because it is too hurtful for me to answer that I have been cut out of my child's life.

Family Life

I don't know, I like to just ask about their family. I think this helps people open up. If they have kids the same age as me, that helps me feel closer to them and I feel like we have things to talk about that way then.

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